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Panama has several oil terminals either in the Atlantic or Pacific side for supply and storage services of different kind of fuels with the highest quality in the market.

In the Atlantic Side we have:


COASSA Company is social partner with Oil Tanking Company which has working in the storage in tanks logistics since 1972 and is one of the biggest worldwide oil terminal operators for oil, gas and chemical products. This company operates in more than 64 terminals in 24 countries of our 5 continents: Europe, North America, Latin American, Middle East, Africa, India and Pacific Asian.

In Panama, They have an oil terminal located in Colon with 8 tanks, each one of 120.409 cbm capacity, 1 berth for tanker vessels of 70,000 dwt capacity and 12,5 mts draft. This terminal can operates for different services: tank to tank transfers, tank to ship transfers, ship to ship transfers while alongside and load / unload of barges.


PTP is an oil terminal located in both coasts: Pacific and Atlantic side of Panama. What makes this oil terminal really important is its 131 kilometer pipeline that runs through Panama land and its General Cargo Dock on the Atlantic side.

The General Cargo Dock and the Atlantic oil terminal are located in Chiriquí Grande lagoon, Bocas del Toro. The Oil Terminal on the Pacific side is located in Puerto Armuelles, Chiriquí.


Bahia Las Minas is located in Cativa, Colon. It is situated at the crossroads of transportation routes for oil products, its location make this Oil Terminal a strategic point for serving the bunkering needs of many clients around the world.

Nowadays, Chevron and Royal Vopak have a long term agreement to operate this oil terminal. The Terminal has a tank capacity of 519,000 cbm capacity with 65 tanks. You can access to this terminal through barge, truck, vessel or pipeline. It has 1 berth for barges and vessels of 11.3 mts draft.


Petroport is a Panamanian company with more than 25 years in the imports and storages of LPG gas. Its provide shipping and trading of LPG since 2013 with a trading route between US, Central America and the Caribbean.

Nowaday, Petroport provide 60% of the domestic market of gas in all the country for residential and commercial properties.

In the Pacific side we have:

Decal Panama

This terminal is located in the pacific side of Panama, located at Taboguilla Island. It provides storage and segregation for bunkering services. Most of their clients are vessels who are passing through the Panama Canal, pacific side. This terminal has a capacity for 356,500 cubic meters, with 26 tanks, 4 barges loading points with automated pump system.

Melones Oil Terminal

This terminal is also in the pacific side of Panama, located at Melones Island. It provides storage and bunkering services for vessels of 15 meters draft. This terminal has a capacity of 338,000 cubic meters with 16 tanks making it the second biggest terminal from the pacific side of Panama. This terminal has 4 barge berths and 1 tanker berth. As all other terminal, it provide bunkering of Fuel and MGO.

Panama Oil Terminal

Located in both entrance of Panama Canals: Pacific and Atlantic side, Panama Oil Terminal is a storage and bunkering terminal for vessels and trucks with a capacity of 1.2 millions barrels. Its terminals are located in Balboa and Cristobal capables to provide fuel and MGO.

Petroamerica Terminal (PATSA)

PATSA is located in the Pacific entrance of Panama Canal. It provide storage and bunkering services mostly for trucks and barges of 12 m draft. It has 2 jetties and 42 tanks doing a total capacity of 246,155 m3.

Oil Terminals