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The average transit time for a vessel, once the vessel is authorized to proceed, is about 10 hours from end to end. Panama Canal Pilots takes the ships from the beginning until the end of the transit in a safe, reliable, and expeditious manner. All vessels will be monitored by the Marine Traffic Control Unit of the Transit Operation Division in order to ensure that rules, regulations, restrictions and any other conditions that exist are applied during the transit. The Panama Canal is the only place in the world in where the Pilot takes the overall command of the ship during the transit.

Panama Canal have a transit reservation system application, which is an electronic information exchange between the ACP information system and the customer´s systems, that allows to collect, arrange, and validate information regarding your transit. Local shipping agents, owners and operators use this booking application to manage the booking transactions via online.

Booking Requests done through the booking application

  • Daylight Transits
  • Just in-Time transits
  • Substitutions
  • Swaps
  • Change in Booking Dates
  • Cancellations