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We have experience coordination bunkering operations with efficiency of time and cost with the most efficient local providers, ensuring that all transactions and administrative tasks are fulfilled in a timely and correct manner. We can calculate a consistent operating cost of this services, as we may have seen that oil prices are quite volatile anywhere.

Onshore Bunkering

In Panama, we have oil terminals capable to attend any size and draft of vessels, providing an efficient transfer of marine fuels on a shore-to-ship basis from an onshore facility.

Offshore Bunkering

Our providers of bunkering are efficient local barges and product tankers able to provide marine fuels transfers of any kind of blending.

Lube oil transfer

Arrange deliveries of lubricants to your vessel through bulk lubricant barges while at anchor, or through package trucks while at port, having access to all the major lubricants and greases brands.

Panama has a special spot to provide ship to ship transfer operations of cargo between seagoing ships positioned alongside each other, either while stationary or underway. In Panama, specific anchorage area for transfers operations of crude oil, fuels, liquefied gas, bulk cargo and petroleum products is located on the Explosive Anchorage Area.

Would you like to arrange an STS transfer operation?

Call us now and we will provide you a list of the best local ship supplies companies.