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Our Services

Our approach is to provide a range of services to the ship, the cargo, the passengers and the crew; as well as the processing of all the necessary documentation for the request for reservations, passage / transit through the Panama Canal, Port Operations, Provisions of Auxiliary Maritime Services, among other services linked to a representation of the ship in an integral and personalized way; continuously guiding him regarding the new international requirements and informing the client about the maritime regulations in force from the IMO.


Our agents are compromised to coordinates all kind of port services you require in a timely manner: booking allocation for docking, loading and unloading cargo, passengers disembarking, crew disembarking, fumigation services, and many more.


Our legal team offers more than 15 years of experience in the practice of maritime law and in areas strictly related to the Panamanian Maritime Sector such as: Port Operations, International Maritime Regulations, Flags Inspections, and Environmental Procedures.


We coordinate all kind of ship to ship & lightering operations in the Atlantic and Pacific Side of Panamanian Waters. We make sure that you have the best suppliers.


Our agents are compromised to arrange crew changes 24/7 for debarking and embarking including hotel arrangements, medical assistance, from ship to airport and from airport to ship.


Our agents are fully compromised to fulfill your documentation needs including certificates of origin. Freight Invoice, Ship Cargo Declaration, Certificates of Weigh, Qualitity Certificates as well as other shipping documents such as Notice of Readiness, Laytime Statement, Cargo Manifest or Bill of Lading, Port Tariffs, Seafarer Support Information, Cargo Arrival Documentation and many others.


We coordinate your services on time with the experts in ship supplies for bunkering, bonded stores, pest management, derrating certificates, mooring arrangements, garbage disposal, and many more.


Book a transit through the reservation system can only be done by local agents. We collect, validate and arrange all documentations for your transit.

Our Services